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Then her eyes closed, she shook her head, and returned to her book. I had seen part of her look and decided that I'd introduce myself. I walked over and asked her if she minded if I shared her table. It was early and there were several tables available, but I wanted to chance it anyways. She said it was fine and then went back to her book. The waiter came over and I ordered just a cup of coffee as I wasn't in the mood for much more than coffee and her. The waiter winked at me, smiling. I was a regular here, and he rushed off, swishing this way and that, to get me my favorite house brand. The lady appeared to not have noticed he was even there. I was used to this sort of thing... lots of young, career, professional, yuppie females come into this place, looking to meet Mr. Right, or looking to impress this boss or that.

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